Obtaining air freight quotes, placing bookings and tracking shipments is a time-consuming process that causes significant drain on resources. We all know how important time and resources are, so a better solution was needed. With KN FreightNet, Kuehne + Nagel has simplified matters and created an online solution that makes placing air freight orders faster and easier than ever before.

KN FreightNet gives you everything you need to manage your air freight shipments in one place. With easy-to-use navigation and clearly structured menus, you gain greater control over how and when you book. You can quote, book and track on one easy to use platform, KN FreightNet. 

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Binding air freight quotes in just a few seconds? Simplify your shipping with KN FreightNet, Kuehne + Nagel’s online air freight solution.

With KN FreightNet, you can save valuable time and instantly get competitive air freight quotes with highly reputable air freight carriers. Simply enter your shipment request - even for door-to-door shipments - and we’ll recommend three different air freight products with transit-times even including fuel and security surcharges.

The benefits of getting quotes through KN FreightNet include:

Easy comparison of service options

Immediate and structured overview of all-in pricing which includes fuel and security surcharges for your air freight requirements. This allows you a quick and easy comparison of three available air freight services. Availability of estimated transit times

Get you the estimated transit time for your air freight shipment request quickly. KN FreightNet will calculate the arrival date based on the planned pick-up date. Or simply advise KN FreightNet the requested delivery date and the required shipment date will be displayed for all three air freight service options.

Using templates for recurring quotes speeds up the process

The template function enables you to save your shipment data for later use reducing your time and effort spent on recurring new requests. 

Overview of all saved quotes

Through KN FreightNet, you are able to list all of your saved quotes including price and remaining period of validity to help you book your air freight shipment easily.


KN FreightNet offers you all the ease, efficiency and convenience of an online air freight booking solution – while ensuring reliability and outstanding customer service.

Making a booking with KN FreightNet is simple. It is easy to use, reduces your workload and speeds up your air freight processes thanks to the fast and efficient data exchange between your company and Kuehne + Nagel.

Discover today how much your company can save in time and effort. Why will booking your air freight online through KN FreightNet help?

Book cargo from a saved quote

With KN FreightNet you can start your air freight booking by simply using a previously requested quote. All data from the quotation will be reused in the booking process - saving time and effort.

Integrated address book

KN FreightNet lets you save your addresses in an address book. In the air freight booking process you can use the addresses to fill out all relevant address fields fast and easy. This saves your time and helps reduce any errors.

Built-in automatic price calculation

Thanks to the built-in automatic price calculation, you will always know what you have to pay for your air freight shipments. If booking relevant information needs to be changed from your previous quotation, KN FreightNet instantly recalculates the prices for three different air freight services. This allows you to stay on top of your costs.


24-hour door-to-door visibility is provided by our industry-leading KN FreightNet solution, enabling you to view planned and actual air freight shipments.

 Using the very latest tracking technology, KN FreightNet delivers premium supply chain visibility and management solutions to help customers substantially improve productivity and efficiency. We provide an easy-to use, convenient tracking tool that will help you determine the position and status of your air freight shipment and answer any questions you or your customers may have while it is in transit – all with full document visibility as well.

The benefits of tracking your air freight shipments mean:

Shipping details are just one click away

With KN FreightNet, tracking down an air freight shipment is now easier than ever before thanks to our simple one-click-to-track functionality – you don’t even need to enter a single reference number.

Submitting documents is now only a click away

With KN FreightNet the document transfer is extremely easy too. The direct document upload function lets you even upload formats like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many graphic formats. KN FreightNet will take care of the rest and convert it into a PDF document making it easier to ensure all your air freight documentation is in order.

Maximum transparency with integrated track & trace functionality

  • Easy-to-use tool that gives you up-to-date information on all air freight consignments shipped within the last 90 days
  • Can be used for all air freight shipments booked with KN FreightNet
  • Just one quick look in the booking list lets you see the status of your shipment
  • With the click-to-track functionality, you get a comprehensive view of the exact details of your air freight shipment