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Back Road transportation services

Let our Road Logistics experts take care of your cargo from doorstep to destination.
  • Are you looking to transport a large or small volume across Australia quickly and efficiently?
  • Do you struggle to coordinate with multiple truck vendors and different fleet sizes?
  • Is complete visibility of in-transit shipments and cargo conditions important to you?

In an ever-changing world, staying in control of everything can be tricky, especially if across different platforms and systems. That’s why we have developed a digital trucking ecosystem to simplify your day-to-day operations, saving you time and making you even more productive.


eTrucknow provides a one-stop management solution for you, from the quoting and booking process through to managing large volume of shipments, whether you are the shipper or carrier.

With eTrucknow, you will have full visibility of your consignments on the go, meaning you will know what is coming next and be able to make faster decisions. With time stamps and alerts, you and your teams won’t get any surprises so you can stay in control all the time.

To find out more on the features that will give your business the edge, contact one of our experts today.

Visit www.eTrucknow.com today.