Could LCL shipping benefit your supply chain

Over the years you may have experienced a permanent change in customer requirements, and an increase in the number of logistics networks. This has probably seen significant alteration in your shipment structures and resulted in shorter product life cycles and fragmented order quantities from customers. As a consequence, retailers try to keep their stocks as low as possible.

So how can you better manage your supply chain to still ensure delivery of items, when you haven’t got enough goods to send a full container load?

LCL shipping could be your answer. Thanks to Kuehne + Nagel’s independent network we set standards in terms of handling quality, lead-times and provision of tracking information. This is why we are a global leader in sea freight forwarding. Any customer who does not have either the time or the quantities to consolidate their cargo up to a full container load, can benefit using Kuehne + Nagel’s LCL shipping service for their goods as part loads.

This enables our customers to reduce inventory levels through smaller order sizes and to source from different suppliers (smaller batches).

Reliable expertise in sea freight consolidation

As one of the world’s leading sea freight forwarding service providers, our global LCL specialists develop tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your part loads. You also leverage Kuehne + Nagel’s considerable market position – enabling you to optimise logistics costs and improve your supply chain efficiency.

Giving small loads the full treatment

Kuehne + Nagel operate its own dedicated container consolidation services for LCL shipments, serving all major trade lanes. We offer seamless door-to-door services with the highest level of transit-time dependability – connecting all economically significant destinations. Our expertise, experience and an unrivalled combination of global reach with local insight provides reliable, efficient routing, and schedule integrity. Our focus is to support customers in identifying and developing new markets – while maintaining existing ones. This service allows customers with smaller shipments to still experience the Kuehne + Nagel services to optimise their supply chain.

Current LCL Services offered in Australia

Kuehne + Nagel offer many import services for LCL shipments. Due to the growing demand for Australian products, Kuehne + Nagel now offer a weekly LCL service departing from Melbourne to Singapore. From Singapore, the Kuehne + Nagel network can then reach many other countries for your export products. For specific information in regards to this service please speak to your Sales Representative or fill in a contact us page so we can connect you to the best person to speak about your requirements.

Key features

KN LCL – our global solution for part loads boosts the efficiency of your supply chain
  • Kuehne + Nagel self-operated consolidation container services to all key destinations worldwide
  • Dedicated teams of LCL seafreight specialists providing the expertise you need throughout the world
  • Strategically positioned container freight stations (CFS) for efficient and effective supply chain solutions
  • Direct or one-stop routing to guarantee fast, reliable shipments and maximum flexibility
  • Multinational gateway services from all major global ports, ensuring coverage for all non-direct routes
  • Visibility and monitoring via KN Login – our web-based data management tool

Value added services

KN LCL Valued Added Services

With proven experience in consolidation, our global LCL seafreight professionals have developed a range of additional services that help with your shipments.

  • Optimisation of freight spend through smarter consolidation practices
  • Improved cargo flow via lane optimisation
  • Effective minimisation of risk to your freight due to continuous, stringent monitoring of all processes
  • Environmentally sound, sustainable supply chain solutions to reduce CO2 emissions

Your benefits

Your benefits with KN LCL

We are constantly evolving our sea freight consolidation activities to ensure that our expertise and worldwide connections reflect rapidly changing supply chain dynamics. Even though we a top global freight forwarder for sea freight, we continuously work to find the best practices to ensure you have the most efficient supply chain.

This enables the team at Kuehne + Nagel to deliver an extremely reliable, cost-efficient method of getting your LCL shipments to their final destination – helping you reduce inventory levels and optimise your freight expenditure.

Multinational gateways across the Kuehne + Nagel sea freight network

For more information on KN LCL or our  Part Loads solutions , please contact us

For more information on KN LCL or our Part Loads solutions , please contact us